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The easter game!
[ April 13, 2001 ]

On April 13th, 2001 at 8am GMT the Undernet presented an Easter Egg Hunt.
All users were invited into #easter for instructions on how to find their way
through the easter bunny maze and find the bunny's egg.

The maze was created by 25 channels with instructions in the topics
guiding the egg seekers through the maze.

In one of the rooms was the hungry minotaur who loves to kill and eat everyone who joins his room..

The winners of the easter hunt were:

1. Xedecimal is the winner (13 minutes)
2. Lant(21 minutes)
3. magus and nexx tied with 26 minutes
4. SearchEgg(27 minutes)
5 Alexius (35 minutes - and then eaten twice by the minotaur)

A big thanks from undernet to all those who created this game and to those who took part and played it with us :)

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