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Improoved X command: ban
[ October 10, 2010 ]

The old fashioned ban command was improved, to allow multiple bans on different nicks/hosts through the same command.

/msg X ban <#channel> [duration] [level] [reason]
Adds a specific *!*user@*.host to the X banlist of your channel.

You may place a ban on a nick if the person is online or ban their *!*user@*.host if the person is not online.

Bans that cover a broader range than previously set bans will replace previous bans.

Any user in the channel that matches the added ban will be kicked out if the ban level is 75+.

The duration can be specified in the following format: 400s, 300m, 200h, 100d (secs,mins,hours,days).

The ban level can range from 1 to your own level. The ban reason can be a maximum of 128 characters long.

If no duration or level is specified, the default duration will be 3 hours, and the level will be 75.

Minimun ban time is 5 minutes, max. is 100 days.

Ban Levels: 1-74 = Prevents the user from having ops (+o) on the channel.

Ban Levels: 75-500 = Prevents the user from being in the channel at all.

Bans can now also be set on multiple nicks or hostmasks(up to 10) at the same time, using the same parameters for level, duration and reason as in regular bans
/msg X ban <#channel> host1,host2,host3 [duration] [level] [reason]

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