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Channels search pages
[ December 10, 2010 ]

Webmasters Committee and User Committee is pleased to announce the first release of the channels search page, located at http://www.user-com.undernet.org/uchan/

This script is designed to allow you to search for Undernet channels based on keywords, in both channel name and /or channel topic.

The content of the database is filtered based on dictionary words, so that channels that include hacking/craking, warez, file sharing, pornography, shell companies and also those who's topic contain foul language are not displayed. The words list is maintained manually, so *some* channels might not get filtered. It's only a matter of time.

The keywords need to contain only alfa- numeric characters, meaning digits from 0 to 9, lower and upper case letters only. If you wish to search for channels with two words (like #my-channel) please replace any non alfa-numeric character with a white space.

The indexing service only works for public channels, meaning +s or +p channels don't get indexed. In some cases, if a channel was indexed, but got switched to non-public, it's still listed. If you want it removed, please contact webmasters@undernet.org .

The indexing service only fetches channels once every hour, to prevent server overload. This means that temporary channels, most likely, won't get indexed.

All "known" channels are saved, so please pay attention to the "Last seen" column. There you'll find the date when the channel was last indexed. If you see a date older than a few weeks, chances are that the channel no longer exists, or it's been set as +s/+p.

For any suggestions/complains please contact webmasters@undernet.org


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