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If you are a DALnet user
[ January 8, 2003 ]

This is for DALnet users wanting to know about Undernet services.

Undernet has conditional channel registration, Username registration,
and host hiding for registered users, but no Nickserv, MemoServ,
ChanServ, or /dccallow.

Here are some of the differences you will find:

On Undernet, nicks are not owned.
There is no Nickserv and no nick registration.
If you find that someone else has been using 'your' nick, just pick
a different nick that people are not likely to want to fight over.

Instead of Nickserv, we have a Username registration, which identifies
who you are, no matter which account or nick or username you are using.
Go to http://www.cservice.undernet.org/live and look below the 'login'
lines for the option to sign up.
You can try choose your nick as your 'Username', but even if it is
accepted, it will not protect your nickname.
Once you have completed online registration, log in to X on IRC, with:
/msg x@channels.undernet.org login username password

NEVER give your username Password to ANYONE on line. EVER!

The new usermode +x will hide the address of a registered user.
After you have logged in to X, you can type:
/mode yournick +x
to make your address look something like this:
yournick yourIdent@YourUsername.users.undernet.org

You cannot log out of X or unset +x mode. You would have to quit and
restart to unset it.

On DALnet, you request ChanServ to register a new channel, and it is
done, automatically.
On Undernet, a channel is not registered automatically.
read: http://cservice.undernet.org/live/regproc/aup.php
When your channel meets the requirements for registration, apply at:
If the channel is accepted, X is used to support it.
get this file: http://www.cservice.undernet.org/docs/xcmds.txt
/msg x showcommands gives some help.

Channel mode +r is available for all channels.
If a channel is set to mode +r, you cannot join unless you have a
registered Username and are logged into X.

There is no MemoServ on Undernet, at all.
Anyone claiming to be MemoServ is a fake!

On DALnet, they there is the /dccallow feature.
This does not exist on Undernet. You are responsible for keeping your
computer secure.

We strongly urge you NEVER to go to web sites advertised on IRC.
Do not click on links, or colors.
Do not write or copy/paste things that people say to do in channels.
Do not accept DCC files from anyone unless you KNOW the person.
If you do not understand something, don't do it!
There are many people trying to trick you to get infected.

Be sure your computer security is up to date at
Learn to keep your computer secure here:
Run a good antivirus program.

On DALnet, the trojan/virus help channel is #Nohack.
On Undernet, #virushelp, #nohack, #dmsetup, #avu are help channels for
trojans and viruses. (other users in those channels may be infected and
spamming or auto-sending, so do not auto-accept anything. )

There are help channels that have the same names as on DALnet, such as
#help and #irchelp, and many others.

The #Cservice channel handles only channel registration problems.

There are some channels that may be able to help you get ops back for
your channel, like #zt, #Arlington and #nastrand.
All the channels are staffed by volunteers. Please be patient and polite.
Also remember that if you can get everyone to leave the channel and
restart the channel, the first person back gets ops from the server.

User modes are +i (invisible) +w (see some oper notices), +s (see
server information if one is an IRCOP), and mode d.
/mode nick +d will make the user not see any chat in the channel at all.
Only private messages, notices, etc will be received. This can be useful
in the case of a channel flood.
Use /mode yournick -d to be able to see channel chat again.

Use /who 0 o, or /quote who 0 o, to find an IRC Operator, only if
absolutely needed.
(ircops do not help with channel kicks/bans)

Author: pryz

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