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Informational update on what is happening on The Undernet.
[ October 15, 2002 ]

The Undernet Coders have been working hard and steady on server release This has been undergoing beta testing and some of you may have
noticed or been asked about a few things that you had no idea about so I
will explain them here and will also keep you updated when new features are
added and modified.

Please note these features are not implemented on all servers as of yet,
but will be appearing network wide very soon.

* Users can now /mode +x for host hiding. This will show
ident@username.users.undernet.org ie) Nick is ident@username.users.undernet.org

* Users can now set +r on any channel they have ops in. If a channel is +r
then only users who are logged into X (have a username) can join the
channel, this can help a lot with flood nets. This is not restricted to
registered channels, this feature is for all channels.

* Users can now be invited into any channel by an chanop they wouldn't
normally be able to join because they are banned, the channel is keyed,
invite only or registered users only.

* Users can now see who users are (the user's username) when they /whois
another user.

Instead of having to /msg X verify user. For example:

[20:49:54] --- [Nickname] (user@myhostname.com) : :)
[20:49:54] --- [Nickname] #channel #channel2 #channel3
[20:49:54] --- [Nickname] blagh.xx.us.undernet.org :
[20:49:54] --- [Nickname] is an IRC Operator
[20:49:54] --- [Nickname] Nickname is logged in as
[20:49:54] --- [Nickname] idle 00:01:29, signon: Fri Apr 12 17:49:14
[20:49:54] --- [Nickname] End of WHOIS list.

The Numeric used is "330". The message appears backwards due to a quirk in
the IRC protocol. A script has been written to fix the output of the new
numeric until it is implemented in mIRC. For now it can be pasted into your
remote file. This will work for /whois or /whois

raw 330:*: { echo $color(whois)
$iif($gettok($readini(mirc.ini,options,n2),26,44),-a,-s) $2 $4- $3 | halt }

* Your server will remember who you are logged in as, and will
automatically log you in to X again after net splits so you don't have to
log in again.

As new releases are done we will keep you updated.

Thank You


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