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Easter Maze results and winners.
[ March 31, 2002 ]

The Second Annual Easter Maze is another huge hit for the Undernet !!!! The Minotaur certainly had his fair share of goodies when
the player's feel upon his den. The Easter Maze will be continuing throughout the weekend with a NEW maze everytime to keep people
guessing ... remember the Minotaur is always hungry so Beware !!!

Special thanks go out to Isomer who created the amazing script that created the mazes for everyone to enjoy and have fun. Thanks
also go out to the committees of the Undernet who all participated bye lending resources and their time to help the Undernet User's
to have a Happy Easter !!!

Thank you to all the participants and please drop a mail to user-com@undernet.org for any other games you would like to see on the
Undernet and we will see if we can accomodate them :))

First Maze Top Three Winners

WilTord of Quebec, Canada finished in First Place with a time of 12 minutes.
<WilTord> I like it but its quite easy : :)

[HeRzEr] of Quebec, Canada finished in Second Place with a time of 23 minutes.
<[HeRzEr]> 23mins? lol times passed fast enough :) I thought I tried for like 10 or 15 mins!
<[HeRzEr]> It was awesome!!

Todd of Pennsylvania, USA finished in Third Place with a time of 24 minutes.
<Todd> Thoughts: Very fun, and made you use your mind. And made me wanna come to undernet more! Undernet rocks
<Todd> and i think something like this should be done for every holiday.. its so fun

Second Maze Top Three Winners

Pai of Southern California, USA finished in First Place with a time of 24 minutes
<pai> and I thought it was very interesting, easy once you figured out how everything worked but definately a challenge

ampoz of Montreal Quebec, Canada finished in Second Place with a time of 31 minutes
<ampoz> i dint expect the maze to be a limit problem but a ban thing like last time :P

BWJM of Ontario, Canada finished in a tie for Third Place with a time of 38 minutes
<BWJM> Thoughts: Better than last night's maze... I didn't find any channels where people were telling secrets or sharing keys.
The banlist thing from last night was too tricky IMHO, but it got me thinking for this time. I liked how there were more puzzles
or things to add up (limits) than last night
<BWJM> Overall, a good little rat race ;-)

njd of New Zealand finished in a tie for Third Place with a time of 38 minutes
<njd\gt-r> frustrating hehe but good fun

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